Holy Guacamole Recipe

This is the first of a series of recipes that we want to share. We make this regularly with our students, and boy is it ono!

Holy Guacamole
2 avocados
Cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
3 Hawaiian Chili Peppers
1teaspoon sea salt
1tablespoon keffir lime juice
Chopped herbs of your choice: cilantro, garlic chives, green onions (aka scallions), stick oregano, or basil
Olive Oil

Cut avocados in half, remove the pit and scoop flesh into large bowl. Mash avocado with a fork, leaving some chunks for texture. In a mortar, grind peppers with salt until you have a ‘pink’ salt. Add a little to the avocado. Add lime juice, tomatoes, and herbs. Drizzle with olive oil, it gives it a silky texture that is pleasing to the mouth. Add salt and pepper. Taste! What does it need? More tang from the lime? More spice from the pepper or salt to bring out the flavors? Adjust seasoning as needed to please your palate. Serve immediately to your amazed family and friends!

Mahalo Garden Intern Susan for sharing this with us.