IMG_5646`Ai Pono, nourishing the voyager in all of us.

`Ai Pono (righteous, healthy just foods): Eating and preparing foods that are healthy for our bodies and our earth.

Our work with ʻAi Pono (righteous, healthy, local foods) is growing by leaps and bounds.  This spring we have sent food with Hikianalia as she joins Hokulea for the last leg of the worldwide voyage. Weʻve made and sent sauerkraut and Mālaʻai luau chips.

Hokuleʻa Send off Celebration

We are celebrating the last leg of the WWV, 5:00 pm April 12, 2017 Kahilu Theatre.

Join us for dinner and a blessing. The program is free.

Crewmembers from our own voyaging ohana, Na Kalai Waʻa, will be traveling to Tahiti to join Captain Kaʻiu Murphy (also from Hawai`i Island) and help to sail Hokulea home, on her last leg of the WWV.  The four-year worldwide voyage has circumnavigated the globe.

We are are working with our students and the talented chef Sandy Barr to make some ʻĀi Pono as a part of dinner for this send off celebration.

We are happy to honor our local crew, Pomai Bertlemann and Pualani Lincoln, along with the rest of the crew,  and we wish them all a safe journey.

Hananauna ʻOla 

We are continuing to work with Na Kalai Waʻa and a large community of ground crew who will be supporting the next voyage of Makaliʻi to the Northwest Hawaiian islands in 2019. Our staff has been fortunate to participate in several trainings with the waʻa ohana around ʻAi Pono, kaula (cordage), and protocol for this new voyage.  One of the things that we have already begun to expand into our work with students is our deeper understanding of the Hawaiian Moon calendar.  We are in the process of experimenting with foods we can grow and process on this island, to send for the 2019 voyage.  Our intention is to provide 100% of the food for the 30-day voyage from Hawai`i Island. By this time next year we hope to be doing workshops with the community about this project.  We are grateful to be a part of this effort which is unprecedented in modern times.